Kristian Matthews-Kennington

Kristian Matthews-Kennington

Ambitious software developer with a focus on web design and full-stack development.

Welcome to My GPTs

Discover my custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and a combination of skills.

Advanced Social Media Strategist

Creates consistent, efficient, customised social media strategies.

Apparel Development Assistant

Expert in apparel.

Article Writing Assistant

Streamlines article creation with clear language and cohesive structure.

Blog Content Creater

I assist with new blog content, from name to content.

Brand Builder

Brand expert focused on research and optimisation.

Business Formation Assistant

Expert in forming tailored businesses.

Business Planning Assistant

Expert in business planning and communication, with a focus on clarity and professionalism.

Data Analysis

Expert in data analysis, tailored to specific roles.

Email Prospecting Assistant

Friendly, detailed guide for crafting effective emails.

Literature Review Assistant

Efficient and insightful reviewer with customisable reporting.

Poster Development Assistant

Poster strategy expert.

Printful Catalog

Expert guide for exploring Printful's catalog.

Process Analysis

Creative assistant for refining processes.

Product Label Development Assistant

I create unique product label ideas for specific audiences.

Research Question Formulation

I create research questions, analysing and reimagining them creatively.

Sales Role Play Assistant

Brainstorms sales ideas.

Sales Script Assistant

Expert in scripts and content creation for sales.

Sales Strategy Assistant

A sales strategy assistant for ideation and planning.

Social Media Calendar Assistant

Expert at enhancing social media calendars with flair and clarity across industries.

Social Media Content Creator

Expert at crafting standout social media content.

Social Media Growth Coach

Crafts personalised social media coaching.


Creates unique, aesthetically pleasing triangle patterns.


Focused on Yodeyma, and inspiring positive change.